EAD BAME Inclusion Group Diversity Survey 2022

Closed 25 Feb 2022

Opened 18 Jan 2022


The EAD BAME Inclusion Group is continuously working to nurture an inclusive environment where colleagues of all cultures and backgrounds have a sense of belonging and feel encouraged to be authentic in bringing their whole selves to work; within their teams and DWP as a whole. We believe in strengthening understanding and knowledge about one another.
The EAD BAME Inclusion Group encourages all colleagues to complete the ‘Diversity & Inclusion survey. This survey is completely confidential and will help us to get an accurate picture of the issues and concerns regarding diversity/inclusion in EAD. The survey results will help us to measure the impact of the work that is being completed; for example, through the topic of the month and may highlight what else needs to be done.  

Why your views matter

This survey is for data collection purposes only. All answers are confidential and strictly for the purpose of this survey. Please be honest in your responses. Your answers will help us to get an accurate picture of the issues asked in this survey and help us identify what more needs to be done to build an inclusive division.




What happens next

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey.

Your support is much appreciated.  We will be sharing the results of the survey with all colleagues in EAD and also with the BAME Inclusion group to put together any actions from your suggestions to improve inclusivity.


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