Q3 Prompt Payment Survey (Oct-Dec22)

Closes 14 Feb 2023

Opened 10 Jan 2023


Dear Supplier,

In line with Procurement Policy Note (PPN 08/21) and the Prompt Payment Code, DWP Employment Category are contacting you as Supply Chain Partner delivering DWP contracted  employment provision for your thoughts and feedback. The purpose of the Survey is to check that payments are being made promptly through the supply chain and communications are received timely.  

Please ensure your answers are from October to December 22 period. If you have any problems with completing the survey, please contact us below. The next survey will be published in April 2023 to cover the period of January - March 23 time frame.

If you deliver for more than one Prime Provider, you will need to complete further sections. For example, section A for one Prime provider and section B for the second provider etc. Once the survey is completed, DWP will review and depending on the results may arrange a follow up call to discuss. 

Please note that any answers you provide will be treated anonymously. The length of time to complete the survey will vary depending on the answers given however, it is expected to take no longer than 10 minutes.

Please note if you use the back button 'first' this will take you back to the beginning of the survey and will delete all of your previous answers.

To access the Category Supplier Newsletter, you will need to go on Jaggaer to select the ‘File sharing’ icon on the left hand side menu, then select ‘Files’ and ‘Directories’ from the subsequent options. Hence, this gives access to the Newsletter and previous editions by selecting ‘Employment Market Newsletters'.

The deadline for the completion of this Prompt payment survey will be midnight on 14th February.

Please be aware the 2022 DWP Annual Employment Supplier Survey will be published soon. This survey allows for the Department to receive valuable insight and feedback the market to help identify and prioritise what matters to you. The survey will be available to access on Microsoft Forms. We will provide a link to the survey via a Jaggaer broadcast message, and the message will be sent to email boxes of organisations that are registered in Jaggaer. Please take the opportunity to complete the survey as we are very keen to receive your feedback.

If you have any questions or issues, please email us at:


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