Bereavement Research

Closes 16 Dec 2021

Opened 14 Apr 2020


The aim of this research is to:

  • find out people’s understanding and expectation of what they need to do after a bereavement
  • get feedback on our service to help us improve it

Who can take part

To make it as realistic as possible, it helps if the participant has experienced a bereavement, but it’s not essential. We realise that anyone might need our service and we want to make sure it’s as simple as possible.

If you have recently been bereaved

We suggest you wait at least 6 weeks until you take part. Bereavement is often an emotive and difficult subject and we want to make sure you are ready and feel comfortable talking about it.

How it works

We typically run individual interview sessions over the phone or via Teams (a video conference app). They can last between 30 and 60 minutes.

In some cases, we might ask you to go through a prototype version of the service online. If we do, we will share the link before we start the call and make sure it works on your choice of device, for example, computer, tablet or smartphone.


  • Individuals


  • Customer Experience