Pensions Dashboards: Consultation

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Closes 28 Jan 2019


In the report and consultation,  a proposed route is set out for how government can help industry develop and deliver dashboards to the public. These are the proposals we are consulting on.

A summary of key proposals can be found below, and a link to the document at each page.

Summary of proposals

  • The government has committed to facilitating industry to lead the creation of pensions dashboards to deliver the best of industry innovation.

  • The government is prepared to make new laws to compel pension schemes to provide their data for dashboards.

  • Government will also work with the regulators and industry to help ensure that industry meets its responsibilities to protect consumers.

  • The government plans to take steps to provide State Pension data via dashboards.

  • Industry is best placed to design, develop and own dashboards. However, the government proposes that the new Single Financial Guidance Body* convenes a delivery group, made up of experts, industry and government. This delivery group would help implement the technology that will allow dashboards to operate.

*the Single Financial Guidance Body brings together the services currently provided by the Money Advice Service, the Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise. 

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