Health is everyone's business: Proposals to reduce ill health-related job loss

Closes 7 Oct 2019

Opened 15 Jul 2019


Today, a record number of people are in work. More people are experiencing the benefits that good work can bring. But far too many disabled people and people with health conditions are falling out of work, missing out on the opportunity to showcase their talents.

The government is committed to doing more to create the conditions for success by making sure all employers have access to the support they need to help their employees. This includes improving advice and information for employers, improving the occupational health market, and exploring what financial support government could provide to help smaller businesses and self-employed people access occupational health.

But government can’t act alone – employers have a key role to play too. Small changes to an employee’s work or workplace, such as changes to their working pattern, or supportive employer action, such as keeping in touch with people on sick leave, can make a big difference to keeping people in work. This has benefits for all. When an employee goes off work sick, employers lose a valuable employee and incur costs. For the employee, the longer they are off work due to ill health, the less likely they are to return to work and the further their health can deteriorate.

Why We Are Consulting

Many employers already see the case to invest in health and wellbeing. But some employers, particularly smaller ones, might not have the knowledge or time to support their employees with health conditions, even when they want to. This consultation seeks to address these challenges.

In this consultation The Department for Work and Pensions and the Department of Health and Social Care are putting forward a package of measures which encourage early and supportive action by employers for their employees with health conditions. Taken together, these proposals aim to reduce ill health-related job loss and support people to thrive in work.

This consultation

The questions are part of our consultation document, Health is everyone’s business: Proposals to reduce ill health-related job loss. This site contains a summary of the proposals, but these are explained in further detail in the consultation document. We’ve provided a link to the relevant section of the document on each page of this site.

You can access the document and accessible versions of it on the page.

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